Chase Bank Stories:Keep Smiling #CSWeek2015


chase bank CS-Week-1It’s exciting when we take a moment to celebrate the people who take the bullet for us every other day, our unsung heroes.  The people who are on the front-line of our businesses, which is almost like a battle field. They’re always ready for what comes their way, because you never know, it could be an irate customer, a disgruntled customer, or an unsatisfied customer. On good days, it could be an entertaining customer, a happy customer or a satisfied customer.

Being in the service industry means that people expect you to deliver exceptionally on the products and services that you’ve promised. But besides just delivering the product or service, there are those unsaid things that as a customer you expect to encounter during your interactions with the people on the other side of the desk. During this #CSWeek2015, we will go through the things that people in Customer Service do with the aim of Delighting & Wowing their customers, but might just go unnoticed.

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  • They will smile at you when you walk in, and politely ask you how they may be of assistance, even when they’re having a rough day.
  • They will give you a shy smile, even when you are not smiling back; they will still try their best to be warm and understanding.
  • They will smile at the next person in line even when the person who just left their desk dampened their spirits.

chase bank CS-Week-1

As they say,

“A smile is a curve that sets everything straight.”

Activity: #ChaseALittleActOfKindness, and smile back at the person you interact with. Whether it’s at the banking hall, at the supermarket till, at the fuel station, at the gate, or at home; because a smile goes a long way towards a better day. Happy #CSWeek2015!






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