Do not Call Terrorists, Terrorists: It Hurts their feelings

After Paris terror attack, many people went to social media to express their feelings about the pain, suffering, fear, and utter disgust at what many see as an outright war against modern civilization. While some people are limited in their expressions and result in using four letter words to describe their disgust, some are masters of words. This political theorist is an example.


Don’t call ISIS a nation, that’s just what they want.
And, when they cut off your head, don’t admit to being dead, that’s just what they want.

When they blow up a car full of explosives and kill innocent victims, don’t admit that anyone died, that’s just what they want.

When they swarm across your borders posing, as “refugees” don’t prepare a defense, that’s just what they want.

When there is an election for President, don’t vote for a weak, self-obsessed, Muslim sympathizer, that’s just what they want. Oh, wait, too late on that one.

There are words and WORDS: These are WORDS.

Timothy K. Nyenjeri. Senior Associate HTBluff Associates: An EMG Consortium. For Diaspora Messenger. Follow @HHTBluff

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