Kenya lobbies Asia, Europe in Ruto support


Ruto iccKenya this week is lobbying signatories to the Rome Statute to ensure majority support its proposed agenda at the upcoming Assembly of State Parties.

With African and Latin American states already backing Kenya, the country is now seeking support from Asia and Eastern Europe.

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The Star has learnt that Kenyan diplomats in New York and The Hague have been tasked to lobby their colleagues to enlist their support.

Kenya wants the ASP, which takes place from November 18 to 25, to revisit discussions from the 2013 meeting on Rule 68.

It also wants ASP to discuss a petition by 190 MPs calling for an audit on the Office of the Prosecutor.

The audit targets witness procurement in the case against Deputy President William Ruto and Joshua Sang.

Ruto and Sang are on trial for crimes against humanity in the 2007-08 post-election violence.

The ASP bureau has drafted two resolutions for member states to discuss and vote on.

“This 14th Assembly decides and clarifies that Rule 68, as amended by the 12th ASP session, has no retroactive applicability and cannot apply to situations commenced before November 27, 2013,” the draft resolution on Rule 68 states.


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