Remove the log in your eyes first, Mudavadi tells church leaders


MudavadiAmani National Congress leader Musalia Mudavadi has challenged religious leaders to ‘clean their house first’ as they join the national battle against corruption.

Speaking in Vihiga County when he opened a five-day workshop bringing together 1,200 preachers, Mr Mudavadi said only a cleansed church can openly speak out on ills affecting the country.

This comes a day after President Uhuru Kenyatta urged religious leaders to declare corruption a sin against God and humanity.

Mr Mudavadi, however, cautioned church leaders against portraying wealth as a sin.

“The church should not tell our people that honestly acquired wealth is a sin,” Mr Mudavadi said.

“The church must guide the society on righteous paths and act as deterrence on wrongs in society,” said Mr Mudavadi.

He noted that the church itself was rooted in rot, making it difficult for religious leaders to condemn ills such as corruption and tribalism.

“A church that is raven by conflict and driven by divisions will have no moral authority to guide the society. The churches of today are practicing prayer for money and money for prayer,” he said.

Recently, a fight at the African Israel Nineveh Church in Vihiga led to the death of three people, among them two bishops with several other church goers sustaining serious injuries. The conflict in the church is yet to be resolved.

“There was a time when the church in the western region was held in high esteem. This was because the church not only ministered to the spiritual needs but was very involved in material or worldly needs for its flock,” he said.

The ANC leader however welcomed President Kenyatta’s declaration that corruption was a monster eating up the country.

Speaking at the same forum, African Divine Church archbishop John Chabuga said Kenya needed progressive leaders to help stem corruption.

“Corruption is eroding our status at the international level. People from other countries are discussing our country on bad issues. As the church, we shall speak against corruption in the country,” said archbishop Chabuga.

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