The wish of a dying senior priest in kenya‏

Bishop-Hats-ImageA senior Catholic Priest in Kenya was dying in a hospital and for his death wish he asked to see the local MP and the county Governor. Within hours, the two arrived. He asked them to sit on either side of the bed. The priest held their hands and kept quiet. The politicians were so touched and at the same time felt very important for being summoned by a senior and well respected priest in his dying moment.

Out of anxiety, the Governor asked, ‘But why did ask for me and Mheshimiwa? ‘ The priest gathered all his strength and held their hands even tighter. Then with his eyes still closed, he mumbled ‘Jesus died between two thieves. My only wish is to die the same way.’ Minutes later as an eerie silence filled the hospital room, the priest took his last breath.

Please share with your fellow Kenyans to protest how corruption has become so rampant in Kenya so much that Kenya might be going broke like Greece did.


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