SAD VIDEO: Machakos Hospital Nurses Caught on camera ignoring accident victim


A video has surfaced online of an uncouth but not uncommon behavior at a public hospital. Jacob Ouma volunteered to take a hit and run victim to Machakos Level 5 hospital, but despite this being an emergency, nurses were not bothered to assist him get the victim from the car.

He is heard asking for a stretcher but everyone chose to ignore him. This is how he described it on Facebook.


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Let me clarify some few points to all those who do not understand the circumstances that led to my recording the video before and after I arrived at the hospital with the patient;
1. We noticed the guy lying motionless on the road just 5 Kilometers from Machakos town, no one wanted to assist the victim. it took a lot of convincing and quick training for the passers by to agree to assist us to load the guy in my car. In such situations, one has to be careful not to cause further injury.
2.On arriving at the hospital, we hooted severally for the gate to be opened but there was no one.We finally opted to open the gate when a guard came to assist.
3. I came in the first time and asked for assistance. The rude responses I got threw me aback. I went to check the victim’s situation then decided to start recording on my return. My aim was to see if they will have any urgency now that they knew it was being recorded or if they could be more polite but they repeated the same and even opted to ignore. They had given the same guard who had opened the gate for us the stretcher and hope we all had the knowledge of handling an injured man.

1.Kenyans please rescue one another in accident situations, running away from an injured man will not save his life. is sad to see the laxity in medical institutions to save lives in cases of emergency and this has to change.
3. me and my co-passangers know what it took us to get the patient here so do not assume we came recording as the patient had to be stabilized in the best way we knew how and at this point getting some help from a committed medical team would have helped.

Machakos Governor Alfred Mutua later took to Twitter and promised action would be taken.

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