VIDEO:Sonko leads high-powered security delegation to save grabbed land in Loresho


Through Sen Sonko President Uhuru intervened and saved Loresho Water Reservoir from land grabber.Here below is Sonko’s message.

The fight against land grabbing in Nairobi City County took a dramatic turn following the intervention of H.E the President Uhuru Kenyatta on my humble request to intervene and save the Loresho Water Reservoir from an alleged land grabber. In playing my oversight role, i took the matter to the senate a couple of months ago and last week, I managed to obtain a court order suspending any construction work on the grabbed Loresho Water Reservoir which feeds Nairobi residents and its environs with clean water. However, after serving the land grabber with the said court orders, he blatantly refused to obey the orders. The orders restrained any further development on the land. Thanks to the the quick action of the president that he issued executive orders to the security agencies to assist in execution of the orders. In obeying the presidential orders, today I was accompanied by a high-powered security delegation led by the Inspector General of police Joseph Boinet, C.I.D Director Ndegwa Muhoro, National Land Commission Chairman Muhammad Swazuri, the Ethics and Anti Corruption Commission Ceo Halake Waqo, his deputy Mr. Mubea, Deputy Inspector General of police Joel Kitili among others successfully evicted the land grabber and the land has now reverted back to the public. I wish to sincerely salute the President for his vigorous fight against land grabbing not only in Nairobi but nationally. I challenge other leaders to stand up and join hands in fighting this vice. Im confident the same efforts will be extended to other parts of Nairobi and the whole country in general with similar land grabbing issues.

By Senator Sonko

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