VIDEO:I am ready to take up lighter duties – Anne Waiguru

Former Devolution Cabinet Secretary Anne Waiguru has revealed that she is ready to take up lighter duties in government when called upon.

Speaking for the first time since her resignation from office two and a half months ago, Waiguru said she had not received any communication from President Uhuru Kenyatta over any appointments in government and that she was not ruling out a return to public service.

“I resigned from the Devolution Ministry because I could not handle the pressure that comes with the job, following advice from my doctor. I am however open to returning to public service though not in a ministerial position.”

Waiguru had stated, during her resignation, that she had decided to resign as Devolution Cabinet Secretary owing to health concerns and under advice from her doctor. She however stated that she would be open to handling lighter duties in the government.

She pointed out that the Devolution Ministry made commendable strides in achieving their goals, pointing at the rebranding of the NYS and the introduction of Huduma Centres across the country as notable milestones.

“We had a number of international awards for outstanding performances in various areas including Huduma Centres. We came up with transformative initiatives for this government and played our role in rebranding the government as digital, rebranding the NYS despite the challenges we faced, and empowering the youth,” she stated.

Waiguru stated she does not regret leaving office, saying she is a firm believer in purpose and timing.

“I did my time in government in that position for this season and I achieved quite a bit. For two years we managed to do a tremendous amount of work with the team at the ministry,” noted Waiguru.

She revealed that President Kenyatta okayed her resignation since as an appointed officer she cannot relinquish her position without notice.

“The decision to resign is not one you take by yourself because you have been appointed. When I could not take it anymore, I informed the president and he okayed it.”

She said she is resting and would consider picking up her PHD then focusing on mentoring young people and working on women empowerment.

The former CS however ruled out running for governorship in Nairobi or any other place saying she is not a politician.

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