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Who grabbed the Kenya Police Canteens? Before the Independence of Kenya in 1963, there were Canteens at every Police station all over Kenya, with all kinds of commodities for consumption, at  subsidized prizes. Those canteens continued to exist until Mid eighties, when all of a sudden, they were all looted and grabbed. The canteens were worth billions of Kenya shillings.

Today, none of those canteens exist anywhere in Kenya, yet those who looted and grabbed them, continue to walk free in Kenya.  May be that was where some of the the Kenya Police officers, inherited and/or learned the kind of corruption being witnessed in the force today. Nevertheless, the Kenya Government should bring back all those canteens and return them to every Police station as it were before, then ask President Moi to explain how they had disappeared in the first place,  because it was during his reign, when they were looted and grabbed.
Kenyans should not keep quiet and sit back as though they are dump and can’t see, when corrupt leaders continue to steal from them. The Police should be made to enjoy the services of those canteens, because it was a crime to loot and to grab them. Although a few of the Police officers are corrupt, the force should be respected for its duties through which, they provide security to Kenyans. The Kenya Government should be serious in the war on corruption. There is no reason at all why the Kenya Government should allow a few leaders to torment innocent Kenyans through the looting of their properties.
First to be grabbed were the Civil servants properties worth billions of Kenya shillings which they had acquired through a period of many years, thereafter the Police Canteens were grabbed. What a shame.
In order for the Kenya Police and the Kenya Civil Servants to trust the Uhuru Administration, the Kenya Government should establish the fate of those canteens and the fate of those Civil Servants properties, and then  return them to the owners.
Isaac Newton Kinity.

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