Corridors of Power:Nairobi Senator Mike Sonko Denies meeting Raila Odinga

Sonko in OrangeNairobi Senator Mike Sonko has laughed off suggestions that he met Cord leader Raila Odinga last week as carried in Corridors on Friday. The flamboyant senator insists he was in a Senate meeting in Mombasa from Friday to Saturday. “I am in Mombasa as we speak and therefore claims that I met Raila are grossly false and meant to demean me before my supporters,” he said. The senator believes that the claims are being pushed by some Jubilee members who are scared of his entry into the Nairobi governor race.Below is Sonko’s message:

Sai ndio nasoma papers za Leo, naona propaganda ati nilikuwa na Raila kwa ofisi yake jana asubui, while jana I was at JKIA airport lounge at 8am waiting to board the 9:30am flight to Mombasa for official duties including meeting teachers and pupils of a Nairobi School at my family house in North coast. Furthermore hata nikionekana nayeye shida ikoo? Even HE the president and his Deputy normally meet him on different occasions. Nakama ni ile photo ya FB nikivaa Tshirt ya orange yule politician ameumwa avae ya Red. Infact kwa hii photo no.3 nimevaa kofia ya orange, shirt ya orange, shoes za orange, belt ya orange, boxer ya orange na ngotha ya orange. I want to tell any Nrb politician behind this cheap proganda that I will not step down for anyone in the Governors race. In jubilee we believe in democracy and that’s why we encourage as many members as possible to come forth and declare their ambitions for the Nairobi gubernatorial seat. Be it Waweru, Sakaja, Mbaru, Wanjiru, Mwau, Waiguru, myself or anyother person, let us sell our policies to the great people of Nairobi they’re the final decision makers, after all, the merrier the better. My message to the people of Nairobi is I’m ready to restore the city’s lost glory. When elections are called, I will give my blueprint. There’s no turning back. Goodnight everyone.


The return of Riek Machar as the Deputy President in South Sudan has sent an ODM MP into panic. The first-time MP was recently paid Sh500 million to supply bitumen for road construction, a deal Machar and his team opposed. They have demanded that their Parliament summon the MP for public grilling but the Kenyan politician fears the whole debate is for some powerful people in South Sudan to find ways to extort money from him.


A senior lawyer, who has been saturating the media with bold accusations, is about to be consumed by revelations by one of his former associates. A judgment purporting to transfer a Sh9 billion prime property along Ngong Road was apparently written in the lawyer’s office and approved by the judge at the same office. The judge went out of his way to transfer the title of the property, notwithstanding the fact that the application before him was simply related to the registration of a caveat that had been illegally removed.



On Friday we told you how new Energy CS Charles Keter was scrutinising all contracts signed between 2012 and last year, and how Kenya Pipeline Company may terminate a multibillion-shilling contract given in 2014. Kenya Pipeline has since informed us that it is not considering cancelling any deal, especially one for the construction of a new pipeline, because all its tenders are aboveboard. KPC told Corridors that its books were open for anyone to verify the facts.

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