Sonko-Nairobi Senator Mike Sonko reduced himself to a laughing stock in his desperate attempt to prove his development track record in the wake of a report that listed him as the worst performing senator in 2015.

The flamboyant senator took to social media to enlist his numerous ‘development projects’ – names of bereaved families that he claims to have helped bury their kin – but Kenyans instead responded questioning him further on the said achievements.

Sonko also sought to put the records straight concerning his contribution in Senate by posting a footage dating back to early 2014.

“My job description is not limited to parliamentary business in senate alone but goes beyond law making. Assisting families which can’t meet high transport funeral costs is still part and parcel of service delivery,” Sonko wrote on Facebook.

On Thursday, Mzalendo Trust released a report that named Sonko, alongside 26 MPs, as those with significantly less contributions on the floor of the House.


Sonko’s Facebook elicited varied views which further questioned his performance.

“Bwana Sonko, Mzalendo measures people’s representatives performance on their participation in both houses and not on their populist activities and that’s why they use the Hansard, MPs and senators core duties are well spelt out in the constitution… helping in burials, weddings and supplying water with water bowsers (sic) is commendable but certainly not one of the mandates of MPs and senators… this report card is a wakeup call and should be taken positively by all and sundry,” John Kyande wrote.

“Mike Sonko your earlier clips are debates of early 2014. Mzalendo report is talking about 2015 performance in parliament and senate. Give us the clips of 2015 or else be guilty and improve yourself 2016,” Mohamed Noor Sheikh opined.

Another Facebook user Bryan Trevino Brown said: “Bwana Senator, your roles are clearly defined. The tax payers pay u to come up with legislation in the Senate house. We will be happy if you could do both helping people to foot their mourning expenses and also coming up with laws. Have in mind, it will be wise to teach how to fish than giving out fish.”

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