Raila’s Daughter on Dating in Kenya-Don’t marry a man you met in a bar’.


Winnie OdingaCORD leader Raila Odinga’s daughter has revealed why dating in Kenya is a hard task compared to other places in the world she has lived before.

In a television interview, Winnie Odinga, who disclosed that she was single, said that the culture of socialization in Kenya was completely different making it quite difficult for her to fit in.

“It is hard here…Kenya is sort of a culture where if you are socializing it has to be in a setting where people are either in church or out drinking or something especially people our age. And I do not go to the bar[sic].” Ms Odinga stated.

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The former Prime Minister’s last born also mentioned that her mother Ida Odinga, advised her ‘not to marry a boy she finds in the bar’.

Ms Odinga jokingly said that she had no idea where men were and would go looking for them if she did.

She, however, ended the relationship topic with KTN‘s Betty Kyallo, making it clear that she was comfortable with her relationship status at that moment.


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