Sad Video:New system of robbery in Nairobi


Do you throw away your receipt as soon as you come out of the supermarket? watch this and learn something!

You enter a supermarket in tao,and do your shopping.
You pay,step out and walk away.
Down the street, a ‘decent looking’ woman carrying a toi, confronts you, claims YOUR shopping is HERS. You become puzzled.
Naturally, quickly a crowd gathers,and demands for proof. She produces a genuine recipient for YOUR items!! Right before your eyes!
Case closed, crowd hands over the items to her,and rough you up.And rob you! If you are lucky you walk.

Remember when you stepped out of the supermarket and walked to the nearest dustbin and dumped the receipt? That’s where your fate was sealed..
Some of those ladies who hang outside supermarkets begging..they follow you stealthily  to the bins.
And pick those receipts. Then follow you.
And that crowd? Same team. Its her crowd.

Ukinunua HATA Big-G, don’t throw away the receipt.
Wait till iishe utamu..then tupa zote pamoja.
Or else someone will claim it from your mouth!

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