Sad:Kenyan girl murdered in cold blood in Dubai by ex-lover

A girl from Ruiru, Kiambu county who has been working in Dubai has been brutally murdered by her ex-lover after turning down his advances

The girl was waylaid at her office by her jilted  ex-lover who confronted and stabbed her in the chest in the argument that ensued.  He made an exit,  leaving  her for dead 

A family in Gitothua, Ruiru, has been tossed into mourning after their daughter,  Catherine Waithera, was murdered in cold blood by a jealous ex-boyfriend.

The girl, known as Kate to her friends was ambushed at her work place by her ex-boyfriend who attacked her after a confrontation.  In the argument that followed, the irate man is said to have pummeled her before stabbing her in the chest.

Kate died before she could be rushed to hospital .

The whole incident sheds light on the work security of most Kenyans who work in Arabian countries. How an armed man sneaked into an office to attack a lady, unnoticed by the security guards, beats any logic.

The girl who has been in Dubai for one and a half years is said to have had an affair with the said assaulter back in Kenya. It is further reported that she was assisted to go to Dubai by her murderer who was trying to court her.

When she got to Dubai, she became indifferent, rejecting his romantic advances.  Jilted by a woman he had fallen in love with, the suspect stalked her at work, confronted her, before stabbing her in the chest.

Joseph Njogu, the girls father, has asked the government help transfer the body of his daughter for burial. The Ruiru, youth leader  has also called on the government to make sure that the criminal is arrested and prosecuted.

The ex-boyfriend has been identified as  Watson Njiiri. He  works for Deutsche Post  (DHL). A German logistics company in its Dubai extension.

Watson Njiiri Killed ex-girfriend at her office in Dubai after a confrontation. He has been arrested pending a verdict on his fate. Photo: Facebook

The Kenyan ex-boyfriend was arrested on Friday, March 4. He awaits his verdict and will probably be deported for trial in Kenya. In the Arabian countries, the penalty for murder is death.

In a separate incident in Qatar, a Kenyan worker  died in a freak accident while at work in  July 2015. The company paid his family all the dues owed to him but no money has been received by his aged mother.

There has been a worrying trend of deaths of Kenyans living in Arabian countries.  The deaths have been majorly pegged on brutal, sadistic and  racist bosses who treat their workers like slaves.


My name is Beatrice Ndungu and am currently in U.S.A. Catherine is like a sister to me, a childhood friend and above all my best friend. I wish I can bring her back to this world but unfortunately am not able to. All I can do is give her a good send off and I really need your help to do this.

Catherine Waithera Njogu was a vibrant young lady who traveled to the UAE a year and a half ago to try and make it in her career. Unfortunately by a tragic twist of fate, she was murdered in cold blood by a platonic friend who would just not take no for an answer to his romantic advances towards her. He stormed into her workplace, beat her up and eventually stabbed her where she died on the spot. This has greatly shocked workplace fraternity and the entire community at large. The family urgently needs your financial support so as to transport the deceased body from Dubai to Kenya in order for the parents to mourn and lay her to rest. Every cent that you contribute will take us a step further to make sure that the criminal who did this to this poor soul is prosecuted. This would mean so much to us because the family can make the arrangements of her funeral much faster and get the closure they need. Every support that the community can grant her family is highly appreciated. Our hope and prayer is that her family will feel the love and the support of the community and that we are with them during this difficult time. God bless you Catherine. We loved you and continue to do so even beyond life. Fare thee well my dear friend.

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