VIDEO: Joho Loses Temper, Charges Towards Waititu


Joho and WaitituMombasa Governor Hassan Joho was on Monday angered following the release of Kabete MP Ferdinand Waititu, who had earlier been arrested for alleged voter bribery.

In a video clip, Joho is captured issuing stern warnings to Waititu as he confronted officers at Malindi Police Station over alleged bribery of voters by Jubilee.

“Waititu mimi usinijaribu ndugu yangu usitake kunijaribu,” (Waitutu I am warning you to leave me alone my brother, do not try to get in my way) Joho warned.

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Waititu on the other hand chest thumped himself stating that he was not afraid of the Mombasa Governor.

“Mimi naweza kukuogopa unafikiria hivyo (You think I am afraid of you),” Waititu dared Joho.

In a bid to make a comeback Joho states: “Hii station ni ya kila mtu wewe, usituletee. Sisi si watu wa Nairobi (This police station is for every citizen. Do not dare us, We are not from Nairobi),” an infuriated Joho stated.

The video recording ends with Governor Joho charging towards Waititu but security officers block the camera capturing the scene. It remains unclear whether the two actually got physical.

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