AUDIO:First Lady Margaret raps MPs for behaving like kids in Parliament


Margaret KenyattaThe First Lady has asked MPs to stop bitter exchanges in Parliament and serve as role models to children and young people.

Speaking during the launch of a mentorship programme on Thursday, Margaret Kenyatta said it was disheartening to hear children talk about the behaviors of Members of Parliament.

She was launching a programme that empowers the youth to confidently reject all retrogressive practices,  behaviors and ideas that are obstacles to realizing their full potential.

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“When they go to parliament they normally come back bewildered wondering whether these (MPs) are the people who lead us,” she said.

“Am not just talking about the last time, even during the past, when our children sit there and watch how you debate, they describe it as kindergarten. That is what the children see and hear.”

Margaret listed sexual promiscuity, vulgarity, and aggression as some of the risky and unmanageable behaviors that distract the youth and children from concentrating in morally upright and ethical lifestyles .

“More and more of our children’s futures are being compromised. Substance abuse, sexual promiscuity and violence all eat away at our children’s lives,” she added.

The new mentorship programme is the brainchild of the National Assembly Lady Spouses Association of Kenya.

The programme comes at a time when many youth and children had been rendered socially insecure in their quest for media-defined ideals.

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