Transformational Book by Pauline Adongo-Called to Ministry, Now What!

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Pauline Adongo

Book by Pauline Adongo: Called to Ministry, Now What! has been written for those contemplating venturing into ministry as well as those already in ministry but who have no clue where to start or how to develop their calling.

Book by Pauline Adongo

This book is written to support those who lack direction, who sense that they are lost in ministry, or those who simply have no idea of what to do with their spiritual experiences or gifts! It is a foundational guide highlighting personal, spiritual, and mentorship experiences that may mirror what others may be going through, exposing the reader to understand their own experiences in a journey of preparation for ministry.

Transformational Book by Pauline Adongo

How natural gifts and talents are equally tied to one’s calling and utilized are also discussed. Though tailored to ministry, information provided in this book can be applied to any area of life by having the Word of God and the Holy Spirit as key mentors. May this book stir up the seed in you to germinate while the Holy Spirit waters your seed to increase that which God designed for you.


Pauline Adongo2

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