Keep God out of IEBC saga, let’s follow the law – Uhuru tells Raila


UHURU PRAYER-BREAKFASTKeep God out of IEBC saga: NAIROBI, Kenya, Jun 3 – President Uhuru Kenyatta says all Kenyans must live within the confines of the Constitution, for peace and harmony to exist.

Speaking during the National Prayer Breakfast, the President vowed to protect the Constitution as per the oath he took, when he was sworn in as Kenya’s 4th President.

The President touched on the continuing IEBC stalemate, saying already the Constitution is clear on how the commissioners should be removed from office.

He appeared to take a jibe at CORD leader Raila Odinga who said he was ready to swear by the bible that they had reached an agreement with him on the way forward regarding the IEBC, during a meeting at State House this week.

“God gave us a way forward when he helped us put a new Constitution in place. God has done his part, it is now for us Kenyans to do our part… it’s as simple as that let’s not bring God into this story. God has more important things to do for us as a country than help us sort this,” he said.

He said the law cannot be changed to suit the interests of a few individuals, in a veiled attack on the Opposition, who insist on dialogue on electoral reforms and other pertinent issues ahead of next year’s General Election.

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