Affordable Homes With No Interest For The Diaspora


Heri HomesHeri Homes Develop Town houses, bungalows and apartments in areas where there is high RENTAL INCOME.

We don’t add any profit margin and bank loan interest to our customers whom we call Development partners making our Houses cheaper by almost half the normal cost.

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Our Customers or Development partners pay a small deposit as well as us and we break ground starting construction after which the balance is paid slowly during the construction period

By the time the construction is half way, the value goes up and we allow our customers to resell if they want and make profit or wait till completion for even more gains

Through this concept our company has grown rapidly making it own projects worth over 15 billions in the last few years

Local Agent Contact:Susan Sayiori-201 873 9124

Heri Homes3

heri Homes2


Heri Homes4

Local Agent Contact:Susan Sayiori-201 873 9124

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