Corridors of power:Ababu’s wife rubbed ODM members the wrong way

Budalang'i MP Ababu Namwamba with his wife Priscah Namwamba. Photo/COURTESY

ODM secretary general Ababu Namwamba’s wife Prisca has rubbed some ODM members the wrong way with some of her Facebook posts. Some of them say she could be responsible for her husband’s threat to quit as SG of the biggest opposition party. They blame her for supposedly giving her husband unsound advice. The young woman has also been openly taking on party members online, telling them to leave Ababu alone and stop criticising him. Some people were heard wondering whether Prisca alone will be able to reelect her man to the 12th Parliament. The two have often displayed their affection in public, especially when they travel out of the country.


A member of the Parliamentary Service Commission recently forced the commission to split the post of senior deputy clerk for the senate into two slots so her relative could be employed. The creation of the new post is actually a waste of public resources, since the duties are not overwhelming and one person can comfortably run that office. The move came about after the PSC shortlisted two individuals, including one of her relatives. But when she realised the chances of this person were nil, she concocted her scheme and arm-twisted the PSC to create the unnecessary position. A candidate, who did not even find his name on the short list, has vented his anger on his juniors in the security department. Corridors has it the man uses vulgar language to belittle his juniors and intimidates them for no reason. The junior officers have threatened to take the matter to higher authorities within Bunge.


The staff of a well-known electronics shop in Westlands, Nairobi, were left with their mouths agape over the weekend when a former Cabinet Secretary bought a television set for Sh2 million. A mole in the high-end shop where the who’s-who in society do their shopping, especially for showy electronics and appliances, says the ex-CS paid in cash and ordered bodyguards and shop attendants to carry the TV to a waiting lorry. Our informant says the former top government official strolled into the shop, accompanied by three bodyguards “and courteously asked to be shown the latest and most expensive TV set”. Nothing but the best.


A deputy governor in a Nyanza county prefers spending most of his time in Nairobi and junketing around and outside of the country. Anywhere but home. The further away the better. The reason? The DG is said to have irreconcilable marital problems. A bird in the county whispers to Corridors that the top official has been initiating trip after trip, domestically and abroad, taking him away from his rural home for long periods. And when he does visit his marital

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