Mutahi Ngunyi Fearlessly Defends Uhuru-Leading Kenyans is like herding cats


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Mutahi NgunyiPolitical analyst Mutahi Ngunyi on Wednesday fearlessly defended President Uhuru Kenyatta following the sharp criticism from Kenyans who took issue with the President’s speech at the State House Accountability Summit – which many described as a show of ‘helplessness’ in the fight against graft.

Ngunyi, who is an ardent supporter of Mr Kenyatta, rubbished the attacks by Kenyans stating that the Head of State had done his best in leading the country and even compared Kenyans to a clowder of cats.

“Leave Uhuru Kenyatta ALONE. Leading Kenyans is like HERDING CATS. This Job will FRUSTRATE even the DEVIL in his BADNESS,” he tweeted.

The political scientist further noted that the President meant well in leading Kenya.

Mr Ngunyi was sharply criticised over the remarks, with many highlighting that the President ought to do all that is within his powers and not complain to the people who have appointed him to do the job.

Since Tuesday, President Kenyatta has been on the receiving end after he asked Kenyans what more he should do regarding corruption in the country since, according to him, he had done everything he knows how to.

His statements were taken to mean that he was helpless and could not end corruption in the country.

During the session, Kenyatta acknowledged: “If there is one issue that has frustrated me is corruption because the pressure is on me to do something about it.”

Mr Kenyatta’s sentiments at the State House session caused many to question whether he was capable of eradicating corruption.

Speaking during an interview on KTN, Constitutional lawyer Dr Ekuru Aukot pointed out that the President did himself a disservice by saying he was frustrated by corruption.

Dr Aukot noted that in light of the President’s remarks, his only option then was to resign from his office.

At the same time, Amani National Congress leader Musalia Mudavadi stated that Kenyatta’s remarks gave corrupt individuals more power.

Investigative journalist John Allan Namu weighed in on the matter highlighting: “The sense of helplessness in that room this morning was paralysing, even through a TV screen.”

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