Love in The Air-port: Man Receives Girlfriend at JKIA With a Romantic Proposal (PHOTOS)



Another romantic marriage proposal is making headlines in the country! Whoever said Kenyan men are not romantic can take their silly words back now!

There is one way to receive your other half at the airport and then there is the Antony Buluma Samba way. Mr Bulama – an alumnus of the United States International University, pulled off a romantic marriage proposal at the Jomo Kenyatta International Airport on Monday for his better half, Gettie Nthiiri.

Mr Bulama had arrived at the airport on Sunday evening to make sure every single detail of one of his girlfriend’s biggest moments in life was perfect.

With help from family, friends and colleagues, Mr Buluma momentarily brought business to a standstill at the airport’s arrivals terminal.

As friends and colleagues held up placards written: “Gettie will you marry me?” Mr Buluma, with a bunch of flowers in hand, spotted his lady approaching and immediately went down on one knee.

A wide smile plastered across his face as Gettie ran towards him and threw herself into his arms. In the background, a band equipped with a musical keyboard and a guitar serenaded the lovebirds.

Buluma popped the big question and got a resounding yes from an overwhelmed Gettie as onlookers cheered and let out a round of applause.

“This is God’s doing. I give Him the glory. He is worthy to be praised. Thank you all who took part in making this real. To Gettie Nthiiri you are my choice. I found you and discovered a beautiful thing. You are my love; may God be our guide,” Mr Bulama said after Gettie said yes.








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