Magufuli Takes His Wife to Public Hospital,Shames Kenyan leaders


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magufuliThe Tanzanian State House on Thursday posted photos of the country’s President John Magufuli visiting his wife who is admitted at a public hospital sparking, an online debate that has even made its way to international media.

The Kenyan online fraternity could not be left behind and as usual, they took their time to add a voice into the juicy conversation where they compared Magufuli’s action to our own leaders.

Kenyans were particularly surprised that a Head of State could take his wife to a public hospital, given the behaviour by local leaders who always rush to foreign countries to seek medication.

The Tanzanian First Lady, Janet Magufuli, was receiving treatment at Muhimbili National Hospital – an equivalent of Kenyatta National Hospital in Kenya.

In the photos which have since gone viral, Magufuli is seen visiting his wife and other patients at the medical facility.

Many could not even picture a Kenyan politician seeking treatment from a public hospital.

Others complained how local leaders are experts in having medical facilities named after them, yet they cannot even trust the same facilities when they fall sick but will always resort to flying abroad for ‘specialised’ treatment.

See reactions:

Tanzania First Lady Janeth Magufuli falls ill and is hospitalised in Muhimbili Hospital. Does UHURU even know where Kenyatta is @RobertAlai?

@iAlen @RobertAlai they insist on having places named after them yet they dont frequent…except the highway or the airport..i loath them.


dokta steve @smomanyih

@iAlen @RobertAlai wamishikwa na homa ni SA asap

Magufuli wife fell sick and was treated at a Public referral hosp in Kenya this can never happen.✈ abroad to treat flu

@KinyanBoy ,So when he Came To Kenya He Never got Intoxicated or Corrupted ,He didn’t Learn from our Two Confused Boys.

@KinyanBoy First,the news will be a national hit,then private jet to Britain for

@atanasi_ what about the slogan of our president “muna taka nifanye nini”

president magufuli’s wife is being treated at mahimbili, Tanzania’s KNH, while gov Ruto is flown to SA.

happened the day Magufuli was sworn into office. will happen when Kenyans elect morals over money!

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1 Comment
  1. LWK says

    The question is NOT why he took his wife to a public hospital, but rather whether or not he would allow himself to be taken to a public hospital? Perhaps Kenyan men would take their wives as well, but maybe not go there themselves. I mean Kenyan men seem to think they have a lot of wives to spare since they can marry anytime, anywhere and the other wives will never know. So if they have too many, well just take one of them to a public hospital. But since this is the Tanzanian Head of State, you never know he might actually care about his wife and may have a State Room in the hospital just for family members even if the hospital isn’t named after him. I mean, does anyone really think the public hospital staff is going to mess this one up? Just askin…?

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