Homeless Kenyan in Austria Acquitted of Murder After Pleading Insanity

The accused on Monday in court / picture: APA / ROLANDSCHLAGER

The 21-year-old Kenyan, who had killed a Viennese woman with an iron rod, had acted in court against his mental illness and was not interrogative.

The 21-year-old, who had slaughtered a 54-year-old woman on the fountain market on the way to her work with an eleven-and-a-half kilogram iron rod on May 4, 2016, was sentenced to mental retardation after a short trial Lawbreaker. The jury’s decision was unanimous.

Judge Ulrich Nachtlberger referred to the jury’s verdict, based on the opinion of the psychiatric expert Karl Dantendorfer. The paranoid schizophrenic man needs a permanent close-knit care, said Nachtlberger. The decision is not final, defender Richard Soyer asked for consideration.

Offender acted “unrestrained”

“The case is dramatic, but it is relatively easy for a medical doctor,” said psychiatrist Karl Dantendorfer in his discussion of his report. The 21-year-old had been suffering from a severe paranoid schizophrenia, which was never treated, for at least three to four years, and under the influence of this disease he struck with the iron rod.

“The absolute inhibition in the execution of the offense suggests that every braking ability was eliminated. A healthy person could not commit such an act,” said Dantendorfer. He had “never seen such a deformed corpse.”


Enlarge ImageArchive: The crime scene at the Wiener Brunnenmarkt / image: APA / HERBERT P. OCZERET 

“Skull was completely smashed”

According to Nikolaus Klupp, the victim, the victim was beaten at least eight times by a telescopic metal rod: “The skull was completely smashed, the bones were spread over an area of six meters Professional experience of brutality. ” The face of the woman, who might not have died immediately after the first blows, was “no longer recognizable”, the skull and brain “no longer present”, according to Klopp.

The suspected perpetrator was searched four times by the psychiatrists, who had been convicted by the judiciary. The 21-year-old was “seriously ill”, Dantendorfer now told the jury, “This disease picture is not playable, so that I can play a four-time experience after 30 years of professional experience.” The 21-year-old suffered from delusions, optical and presumably also acoustic hallucinations, and despite several months’ treatment and administration of the best and most expensive drugs available, his condition “has only been minimally improved and is still in an acute psychotic state.”

Act “out of a madness”

As to the dangerousness of the man, Dantendorfer remarked, “He is just as dangerous now as at the time of the crime and would undoubtedly repeat such serious crimes.” The act itself was “not planned in the long term” according to the expert, but happened “spontaneously, out of a madness”. The expert could not estimate whether the native Kenyan can be treated at all so far that his condition will eventually improve in a sustainable way. “The longer someone has been treated with this disease, the more difficult it becomes.”

The relatives of the woman who had died, who had joined the procedure as a private participant, were legally represented by Alfred Boran and Mathias Burger.”The wish of the victims is that he will never be free again,” Boran pointed out with a glance at the 21-year-old. The widower appeared in the judgment court in the Great Court of Justice and took his place alongside his legal representatives in order to be able to personally experience the outcome of the criminal proceedings.

Enlarge/ image: APA / ROLAND SCHLAGER 

Accused of disease

The accused was questioned only very briefly on Monday morning in the criminal court. He was marked by his mental illness and was not interrogative. His interrogation was interrupted after two minutes.

According to a psychiatric expert, the native Kenyan was incapacitated by paranoid schizophrenia at the time of the crime and was therefore not responsible. That’s why he was not charged with murder. Because the expert Karl Dantendorfer still regards the man as highly dangerous because of his illness, the public prosecutor asked the 21-year-old to be admitted to an institution for mentally abnormal lawyers.

“I think there was a woman”

“I can not remember, I think there was a woman, I think I struck a woman with metal,” the 21-year-old said to the processual process, his gaze blank. “Do you know why?” Judge Nachtlberger wanted to know. The man said no. “He was not in a position to deliver an opinion immediately after the deed,” Defender Soyer recalled. From his conversations with his clients he had the impression “that I can not reach him”.

Soyer regretted that the man’s severe paranoid schizophrenia in advance not recognized by the authorities had been, although the 21-year-old was known to the court long ago: “If this had been previously recognized, it would have dealt with earlier, which could have been prevented.”

Eyewitness not meaningful

Maria E. was killed on May 4 at 2.15 am with a working colleague at the Brunnenmarkt, to perform cleaning work in the morning at a betting office. While the Kenyans went on the 54-year-old managing director of a cleaning company with an iron bar, her co-worker managed to escape. She could hide behind a parked car.

The eye-witness could not follow her. She has been suffering panic attacks and a posttraumatic stress disorder since the violent crime, which she had to take part in.As she had stated in her police interrogation, the two Africans had noticed the Africans, because he danced with a long and heavy iron rod on the street. “Once again this idiot,” Maria E. is said to have said according to the witness – the 54-year-old knew the homeless 21-year-old already already. In order to avoid any difficulties with the behavioral man, the women exchanged the street, when, a few meters later, the man emerged unexpectedly between two market stands and attacked Maria E. walking a few steps in front of her colleague.

Perpetrators at the Brunnenmarkt “a well-known man”

A 36-year-old teacher, who was living right next to the Brunnenmarkt and whose bedroom window was directly above the crime scene, was awake by the blows.”After the fourth pumper I thought I’d look,” the man recalled. He had “recognized on the second look that an act of violence took place” and opened the window and called down: “The man looked up briefly, then he turned around and went on.”

He immediately recognized the perpetrator as “the Francis,” who was a well-known figure on the fountain market, the teacher said: “He was a known man for all the people who live there.” The man was “noticed”, that “a creepy atmosphere” had left him. “Did you notice that he is not quite normal?” Richter Nachtlberger wanted to know. “Yes,” replied the witness, “he has acted as if in a parallel universe.”


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