Mobi-Remit: The Fastest & Most Convenient Way to send money to Kenya


The next time you need to send some money to Kenya, you might want to use Mobi-Remit.
A first of its kind in the online remittance space, that carries with it a very innovative and disruptive product.

In my opinion, it may very well be the much-anticipated remittance channel disruptor; think ‘uber’ for money transfers.

If you are like me, young at heart, somewhat lazy but appreciates efficiency; it leaves me with the thought “why did I (or my recipient) ever have to physically go to the bank or transfer agent, queue, fill-up forms and pay heavy transfer fees, while it is possible to do this with just a few clicks from the comfort of my home; right from my phone and quite affordably.

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Mobi-Remit’s 24/7/365 service has also brought the convenience most customers are looking for meaning, one can make instant transfers anytime or day. Which reminds me of their witty Kenyan customer service line number +254 764 24 7 365.yes the last digits spell out “24 7 365”.The sender only needs to create an account, add a payment card on and start sending money securely to Kenya.

Well, for those working in the diaspora, this is the fastest and most convenient way to send money back home to your Kenyan bank account or to any mobile phone number.  Your recipient/s gets to receive their payouts instantly via mobile or any Kenyan bank account. Save your folks the trip and hustle of going to money transfer agent to collect their remittances by sending it directly to their mobile wallet.

Currently available from, Mobi-Remit will soon be launching the iOS, android and windows app early next year (2017).


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  1. King of Zamunda says

    I will definitely give it a try.. I have been investing back home from my hustle in Texas for over 5 years now and the challenge has mainly been to get an affordable remittance channel. Good stuff guys.

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