Wow Video: ‘Baba Uhuru’ Supporter Speaking Non Stop Wows Kenyans


That Kenyans from all walks of life are special has never been in doubt.

The recent Jamhuri Day celebrations at Nyayo Stadium, have produced two ‘outstanding’ Kenyans who are going viral on the interwebs.

First, an elderly man who was interviewed by KTN shocked the country after he advised President Uhuru Kenyatta to deal with corrupt leaders through castration.

“Hao wote wapelekwe Kamiti. Wale wengine watolewe makende..” he said.

Watch: ‘Watolewe Makende’: Old Man Advises Uhuru on How To Deal With Corruption (RAW VIDEO)

A second Kenyan caught on camera is the talk of the town for the manner in which she seized an opportunity to appear on TV.

The woman who attended the celebrations at Nyayo Stadium was interviewed by NTV and went on a nonstop speech of slightly over two minutes praising Baba Uhuru.

In two minutes, the Uhuru Kenyatta supporter managed to introduce herself, explain important points from the president’s speech and point out some of Kenyatta’s accomplishments.

While some social media users – who seem to have forgotten that there is freedom of speech- have attacked her unfairly for speaking her mind, most are in awe of her fast speaking and have joked that she should be a rapper.

Watch below:


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