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Cheka Tv,a Kenyan  TV is sharing this video  to enlighten the public on the life if a Diaspora family.It is funny and something that everybody can relate to. In the video ,”Mama Njoro” is portraying a Kenyan diaspora  parent and the challenges they go through.

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  1. waithira mbuthia-protano says

    How is this funny? My mother never spoke to us this way. I’ve been seeing this kind of nonsense before about how African parents behave & trust me, it’s not funny at all. It only enforces horrible & negative stereotypes. Stop it already!

    1. Anonymous says

      Lol. How is it funny ? Because it is funny. Just because you don’t agree with it or doesn’t or it hasn’t happened to you, does not mean that it does not happen. Did you look at the comments? People really relate with the video. They are not negative stereotypes. What part of the world do you live in? Is your parent in Disspoa? Lol. Be cool. You stop it already. #OffenseMustCome

    2. Anonymous says

      I agree with you, don’t find it funny at all. it just reinforces the negative stereotypes. I would have been traumatized if my parents ever spoke to me like that. I’m glad my mom and dad treated us with love and respect. it’s sad to know there are still parents who treat their children like this in this day and age. very shocking indeed.

    3. Anonymous says

      That’s your opinion flat thin unhealthy lukstere and very Stone Age.. this stuff is hilarious and what a talent…very African indeed

      1. Anonymous says

        I believe that a parent speaking to children in such a confrontational manner is demeaning and confidence shattering. It is such views that as yours that speaking to young people in such a degrading way is o which are incredibly unhealthy and old fashioned! Your views of disciplining children are simply neanderthal and uneducated. It sounds like you are involved in the making of this clip and that’s why you are defending it so passionately so I’ll let you on this one. I hope you don’t speak to children like this in real life (That’s if someone is unfortunate enough to call you their parent). i wouldn’t let you anywhere near my children.

  2. njuguna muigai says

    Mama hana mzecho

  3. Anonymous says

    lol its never that serious, just laugh

  4. Time says

    I like this!!!!It reminds me on myself.

  5. Anonymous says


  6. Ythera Nyarurii says

    My friends And i Just cant stop laughing….more please…anyways good work

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