Young African man causes ripples as he exchanges vows with a VERY old white granny

How do they even make love?? Another young man causes ripples as he exchanges vows with a VERY old white granny (Photos)

Makaratasi problem? It’s not the first time we are hearing a case of young African man marrying rich old white woman, it has happened before and the last time such incident made headlines is a was a popular singer who was involved.

It’s hard to believe sexagenarians can fall in love with young men in their 20’s or even 30s. A Swedish cougar fell heads over heel in love with a 28 year old Ugandan singer.

Ronald Samawere popularly known as Guvnor Ace, took the whole world by surprise when he exchanged vows with an ageing white mommy called Mona Lisa Larsson who was in her 60s.

Guvnor Ace and Mona Lisa Larsson during their wedding in 2015

Guvnor dumped the Swedish cougar after she took him to Europe, he hooked up with a young babe and moved to Norway.

Well, another young man recently tied the knot with a very old white woman; photos of ‘strange’ wedding which took place in Nigeria are causing ripples online.

See the photos below:


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  1. LWK says

    I’m sorry to say what might happen to the woman? I’m sure this was not a match made in Heaven. This most possibly could be a conspiracy for someone to get something they don’t deserve. I am not so worried about the interests of this young man as for the older woman who might be making a very big mistake that could cost her a lot more than she bargains for.

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