Father of the youth killed by Flying Squad in Eastleigh gives SHOCKING confession


Two young men were on Saturday,March 1 2017 gunned down by flying squad officers in Eastleigh,Nairobi – The two are said to be part of an outlawed terror gang called Superpower – The killing sparked outrage on social media as Kenyans condemned the police force for the ‘cold blood murder’ – Father of one of the murdered youth has come out to reveal shocking detail about his son The father of a young Kenyan man who was brutally murdered by police in Eastleigh, Nairobi on Saturday, April 1 2017 has come out to make a shocking confession about his son. Dahir Kheir Roble, father of the slain 16-year-old teenager identified as Mohamed Khadar has admitted that his son was a petty thief.

Father of the youth killed by Flying Squad in Eastleigh gives SHOCKING confession

Mr. Dahir said news of his son’s death hit him hard but he has come to term with it, adding that his ‘forty days had come to a wrap.’ Mr. Dahir made the revelation as he pleaded with the government to give him the body of his son so that they can accord him a decent burial as per the Islam religion.

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‘’He never used to carry a knife or a gun loaded with bullets. But, yes, he was a petty thief, a pick-pocket. I am pleading with the government to surrender his body to us for burial according to Islamic practice.’’Mr. Dahir said while speaking to journalists at his Eastleigh home. The late Mohamed Khadar was gunned down by officers from the Flying Squad who were in civilian clothes.

In images and a video that have fast gone viral on the interwebs, three plain cloth police officers wielding their guns are seen confronting Khadar before shooting him minutes later. Khadar’s shooting came barely 2 minutes after the officers had gunned down yet another man who was lying on a pool of blood.

The two are said to be among a group of a dangerous gang dubbed Superpower, which has been terrorizing Eastleigh and Nairobi residents.

Their killing evoked mixed reaction on social media with quite a multitude condemning the police for carrying out such a heinous act publicly.

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