Jilted wife storms church with her children as husband marries new wife

A wedding at a church in Mathira constituency was interrupted when a woman claiming to be the groom’s wife stormed the venue. Lydia Mugure went to Kanyama PCEA Church with her children on Saturday claiming that the groom, George Kiragu, was her husband. She claimed they had been married for 10 years and that he had fathered her two children.

Police were called in to restore order and they threw Ms Mugure out as Mr Kiragu and his bride took their vows under guard. Mugure accused the church of ignoring her objection and conducting an illegal wedding. She alleged the bride was an employee of the church. But the presiding minister maintained that the church had not received any written notice as required to stop the wedding. [Allan Mungai]

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  1. LWK says

    Dear PCEA and all churches in Kenya,

    How can you be marrying men who are already married to other women? This is not a Christian practice. It’s simple. Before a coupe can be married in any Christian church, you have to interview them don’t you? Require a witness that has known the groom to be since childhood to swear (along with the groom) that the grom is not currently married to another woman. It’s that simple. If both lie, then you must kick them oiut of your church and tell them not to come back until they come with their first wife and you should nullify any marriages that have occurred due to lying men (or women for that matter). If the new wife knew about this then she is an adulterer as well and should be kicked out until she repents. There are too many of these iffy iffy marriages in Kenya and it is causing chaos and the church can do something about it as it regards Christian marriages. You are playing with polygamy behind the curtains. It is the same as witchcraft (adultery is considered the equivalent of witchcraft according to Scripture and this is adultery plain and simple). It is the churches responsibility to put an end to this nonsense of church weddings for adulterers, not the poor wife and her children who are abandoned. If a man wants to remarry then he should have to divorce his wife and still support her and her chlidren. Simple as that. No play without pay. What a major crisis this is causing in Kenya for families. The Church of Jesus Christ has a role to play. Shame on PCEA for not checking and shame on any Christian church that participates in this wickedness. There is no wink wink, nudge nudge in God’s Kingdom. Be Christians and lead as Christian leaders in the Church. There is grace, but Christian leaders who shirk their responsibility will be held to account for the mess you are making of Kenyan Christian families. Maybe you do it for money, but that is even worse then.

  2. njuguna muigai says

    usually the church makes three announcements before the wedding if there is no one with a complain then it will go a head and conduct the ceremony, so when someone show the last minute,then she causes confusion as the presiding pastor cannot understand why did she have to wait all that long.

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