America Tour: Rev. Lucy Natasha touching millions of lives through the gospel.


Rev. Lucy Natasha, founder of prophetic latter glory ministries international based in Nairobi,Kenya is a budding world-renown christian evangelist.Thousands of her followers are turning out to her series of prayer rallies in different cities across America.

As an empowerment preacher, Africa’s best selling author and international conference motivational speaker, Rev. Natasha has became a fixture of inspiration and prayers .From the social media to traveling to more than forty countries around the world, she draws millions of audience in  delivering her most precious and uplifting message of hope.

On her ‘ America’s tour of hope’  where she has preached to her audience in San Francisco, Dallas and Seattle, The pentecostal evangelist has given an evangelistic message of hope from the book of Daniel Chapter three and guided attendees through confession and prayer of commitment.

“The fire is not to destroy you but  to display the power of God” she continuos ” your current condition is not your conclusion.Every problem has an expiry date and before miraculous, expect the rediculous”.

She call every christian to stand firm and strong for what is righteous citing  the biblical tale of Shadrack,  Meshach and Abednego who were Hebrews and were thrown into a ‘ fiery furnace ‘ when they refused to bow before the image of king Nebuchadnezzar ,which was required under Babylonian law.

The celebrated preacher has so far ministered in Novato -California , Dallas-Texas, Seattle-Washington and she has  Upcoming meetings are in Boston, Kansas among other cities in America.

To connect with Rev Natasha:

Facebook Page: Rev Lucy Natasha

Instagram @revlucynatasha

Twitter @revlucynatasha



Report by Samuel Wamwea Sr.

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  1. Audrey Maluleka says

    The truth is I have never met such an inteligent young beautiful powerful preacher in the world. Am tremendously blessed by her preachings. The anoiting in her is astonishing.
    The first time I met her, I was left in awe. She preached a life changing message and released a prophetic word over my life and two months later her prophecy came to pass over my life. Her powerful preachings built my faith and taught me to strongly believe in the word of God.She is an angel sent from the Lord. My humble prayer is that God may reward her sacrifieces and grand her more grace as she travels across the globe. If there bible was edited I was going to add the book of Rev Natasha.

  2. John says

    I live in Dallas, Washington. About a week I attended one of your services when you were ministering at Neema church in Dallas, Texas and I can say she changed my life and took my faith in God to another level. Am loving her online ministry asweell especially the videos on youtube and facebook. May God continue blessing her as she passes the blessings to others in the world

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