Ruracio Cancelled After Discovering The bride To Be Had A Tattoo On The Thigh



Ruracio cancelled simply because the bride to be, had a tattoo on her thigh is the one story that everyone is talking about on twitter. While ruracios are an African culture tradition, it is meant to only introduce the families of the soon to be wed couple to each other.

Today, however, not so many people hold big ruracios anymore for good reason at that. They often opt to keep the introduction ceremony small while some just prefer to skip right to the wedding and avoid the traditional ceremony altogether.


Most people do it to cut costs while others just do not want anyone getting in the way of their planned marriage. On the other hand, those who skip do so because we all know sometimes relatives feel like they have a say in whom you should spend the rest of your life with. Bringing us to the point in question. I mean who cares if the bride to be has a tattoo?

In this day and era, chances are the groom to be already knew that that tattoo existed and he was okay with it which is why he still brought her home for the ruracio. When the headline hit twitter, lots of people had something to say about it including questions about how the relatives saw the tattoo in the first place. Here are some of the comments that people had in regards to the cancellation of the ruracio.


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  1. njuguna muigai says

    Now if reversed what was if it was the man had tattoo?. Lakini hii naona ni hadithi ya kujitungia mbona hamsemi kisa hiki kilifanyika wapi. Lakini nanjua kisa kimoja msichana alikataliwa kwa kuwa hakuwa ametahiliwa

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