VIDEO/PHOTOS: Nigerians Can’t Understand Why Kenyans are Complaining About SGR Trains

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Compared To What They Got for $12 Billion, Nigerians Can’t Understand Why Kenyans are Complaining About the SGR

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As Kenyans complain about the cost of the recently opened SGR, and the ugly locomotives, our friends in Nigeria do not understand what we’re trying to accomplish.

Though the locomotives are not appealing, they wish they could lay their hands on some of the stations we’ve just built.

Nigerian YouTube comedian Adeola Fayehun posted a video comparing Kenya’s new railway service, to their $12 billion Chinese funded one.

In the hilarious skit, Adeola wonders why Kenyans are complaining yet they Nigerians got nothing to show despite spending 4 times our amount.

She goes ahead to post photos of the various stations on our SGR, and compares them to what they have over there.

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