Alluring Investment Opportunities in East Africa

Optiven at 2017 USA’s Independence Day Celebrations in Maryland: 
July 1, 2017: George Wachiuri, CEO, Optiven Group, today empowered Kenyans in Diaspora on investment opportunities available in East African Economies at the Annual Independence Day Celebration/ Family Fun Barbeque to take place at the Gunpowder Falls State Park (7200 Graces Quarters Rd, Middle River, MD 21220) Baltimore, USA.
He spoke on the need to take advantage of the robust East African and by extension African economy by investing back home.
African economies continue to record flourishing growth, defying recent tough global economic environment. The Continent’s GDP growth rate averaged 2.2% in 2016 and is estimated to rise to 3.4 % in 2017, then to 4.3% in 2018. All these are above the global averages. And as Dr. Akinwumi Adesina, President of the African Development Bank recently succinctly placed it, the averages do not tell the real incredible story.
“In 2016, 12 African countries grew at above 5% and 20 countries grew at between 3-5%. Most of the best performing countries are the non-oil or non-commodity dependent economies. Cote d’Ivoire grew at 8.2%, Ethiopia at 8%, Tanzania at 7.2%, Senegal at 6.7%, and Rwanda and Kenya at 6%, respectively. So we are swimming with our heads above water. Africa is buoyant and robust,” says Dr Adesina.
Wachiuri, a leading real estate guru in East Africa corroborates Dr Adesina’s assertions. He notes that Africa is the place to be right now, in terms of investing. He further noted that African countries’ economic growth is much attributed to their resilient due to macroeconomic stability coupled with good governance, increasing domestic demand as well as increased regional trade.
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