VIDEO: The challenges faced by most Kenyans who arrive in the US


As the Kenyan Embassy in the United States confirms on the challenges faced by most Kenyans who arrive in the US and get caught up in the culture shock,Immigrants come to the United States to begin a new life, yet they often face difficulties in their new home that they never imagined.

Learning and adjusting are the two operative words that describe most people new to the United States. Most immigrants arrive in new communities only to be faced with immediate challenges to their survival. Few immigrants are prepared for the changing family and personal dynamics that often occur as they rapidly become more adapted to America.

Most do not fully understand the U.S. legal and social systems and navigating thorough the system at times becomes a total nightmare.

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The purpose of the film is to graphically illustrate the effects of challenges experienced by most Kenyans who come to the United States whether immigrating by choice for better opportunities or otherwise.


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