KOT Reactions After Justice JB Ojwang’s 3-Hour Supreme Court Ruling

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The Supreme Court yesterday finally gave its full judgment of the presidential petition ruling.

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One of the standout rulings was by Justice Jackton Boma Ojwang who spent about three hours explaining why he dissented the annulment of the presidential election.

According to JB Ojwang, the petitioners had weak grounds and made arguments only based on generalities and not facts.

His ruling was one of the most discussed on social media platforms with KOT making Justice JB Ojwang a trending topic for the better part of yesterday.

Here are some of the comments.


Justice JB Ojwang wrote his own ruling. And it is so well reasoned there’s no logical reason why it’s not the majority ruling.

FACTS & EVIDENCE as outlined by Justice JB Ojwang and not RUMOURS & GENERALITIES earlier pronounced!

Actually the aim of Justice JB Ojwang is to make you forget the ruling especially Mwilus judgement ! 

Justice JB Ojwang reads his ruling with much passion – he owns the words. He wrote the ruling. 

Justice JB Ojwang might continue reading untill tomorrow if he is not stopped. His mental system has been hacked…..

This is Justice JB Ojwang’s PhD Thesis. If you think he will finish reading that judgment in 2 hours, think again.

Kama central people wange trust Raila the way they trust Justice JB Ojwang now.. Kenya Tungefika Mbali  

They now wish Justice JB Ojwang was the Chief Justice yet they couldn’t appoint him because he’s not from politically correct tribe…?

 justice JB ojwang is a disgrace to this Nation and the Constitution Thus the only ojwang I know is Mzee ojwang

Justice JB Ojwang’ putting up a better defense for Jubilee & IEBC than their lawyers did 

Justice JB Ojwang MUST be stopped, he’s starting to transmit endlessly like the IEBC results transmission system. 

 dissenting Justice JB Ojwang and Njoki Ndung’u believes tht th process doesn’t matter? let them cook ugali wit cold water?

Justice JB Ojwang is a classic example of a learned Luo who does not subscribe to Odingaism.

Jubilee now wish “Justice JB Ojwang” was the CJ n Njoki Ndung’u the DCJ. Bt their tribal kings couldn’t let that happen. Maraga ndiye dawa

A Luo such as “Justice JB Ojwang” can become a president in Kenya, but lakesiders have decided to follow one loser and his dad since 1963.

Justice JB Ojwang’ is the reason our primary school bell-ringer was fired. He rang the bell before the class teacher finished punishing us.

Why cant justice JB Ojwang summarize his verdict by saying . He is taking too long saying the same thing 

Whoever is incharge of Justice JB Ojwang’s salary should write him a cheque with zero security features this month 

After listening to justice JB ojwang and Njoki ndugu submissions i wonder how they missed the CJ and DCJ positions respectively.

Justice JB Ojwang seem to be crafting his second PhD thesis on the SCoK bench….. Someone remind him of the significant summary chapter….

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