My name is Jeff Matemu, a Christian and a candidate for the U.S House of Representatives for the 2nd District of North Carolina.

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Many years ago, I crossed the Atlantic, like many before us, and landed on the shores of the United States-Just like the first settlers in this great land did. I was propelled, like the first settlers, by the burning desire for freedom, and for opportunity. In this land I would build a new life, work hard, raise a family, and give my children an opportunity to live a better life than that of my parents and myself.

I arrived by myself, worked hard, went to great American Schools, married, raised a family, became a successful professional, opened my own successful federal legal practice, bought a home in a great neighborhood and provided decent living for my family. This great country kept its promise to me. The promise is, and always should be, that if you come here legally, work hard, and play by the rules, you will surely be rewarded. I can tell you that I have reaped those rewards. I am living proof that America keeps its promises. I have however been disappointed in the last few years by the rapid degradation of our democratic institutions and the inability of Congress to get anything done. It’s time that changed.

I am running to give the people a choice, so that they do not feel like they can only choose between a Democrat and a Republican. I have practical common-sense solutions for issues that truly matter to us and not those issues that have been imposed on us by political elites.

Why is it that Congress is unable to produce the results that we expect? Or produce any meaningful results even with the entire government being unitary- meaning that the U.S House, Senate and Presidency are held by one party. So, what’s the problem and how do we change that?

Why is it that every single day we are being treated to an endless charade of drama, corruption, scandals and inaction by both Democrats and Republicans?

Is this what we voted for?

Congress is crippled by ideological conflict. The political parties are more polarized today than at any time since the Civil War. Americans disagree, fiercely, about just about everything, from terrorism and national security, to taxes and government spending, to immigration and healthcare.

Well, American political and media elites disagree fiercely. But average Americans do not.

Both Conservatives and liberals agree on revitalizing our roads, bridges and waterways and other infrastructure as a key component to economic growth. We all agree on renewed focus on career and technical education in high schools and community colleges; modernization of the Pell Grant program for low-income college students; and more creative financing for startup businesses.

Another area of agreement which is very important is the expansion of the Earned Income Tax Credit, which subsidizes wages for low-income workers. 2016 also saw a growing bipartisan consensus to reform America’s criminal justice system, which imprisons more people than any country in the world, often for non-violent offenses. Both the House and Senate in 2016 introduced bipartisan legislation that would cut mandatory minimum prison sentences, boost prisoner workforce re-entry programs and eliminate the use of solitary confinement for juveniles in federal prisons.

There is also room for agreement even in tough issues like immigration, gun rights, affordable higher education, environmental issues and healthcare.

The problem we have is that our political class has become so polarized that issues that matter to the average American are not a priority to them. Politicians have manipulated us over the years to put party loyalty above our own interests and even above our deeply held religious convictions. It is very wrong that God is not even a part of the conversation today.

Politicians through the process of gerrymandering-and I mean both Republicans and Democrats, have eliminated political competition to the level that the voice and vote of the average American does not matter anymore. Democrats in blue states have drawn up district maps which make it impossible for a Republican to win in those districts. That eliminates competition and drowns any opposing voices. This creates a totalitarian type state or district. Republicans have done the same, creating ‘safe’ Republican districts and states in the way maps are drawn. What this all means is that, politicians no longer have to care about the voters. Voters have no choice, so only the most motivated voters choose to go vote- And that happens to be the extreme elements on either side. Those who have no choice remain at home on election day and their voices never get heard.

In those ‘safe’ Republican or Democrat districts, the only election candidates have to worry about is the party primary, which only brings out the most extreme party supporters and therefore a candidate that is incapable of understanding the art of deal making. That is why our congress is made up of representatives from both extreme ends of the Republican and Democrat parties. There is no room to agree on anything. That is why congress is paralyzed and dysfunctional. We the People have been ignored and our real problems never get addressed. But the politicians are ‘safe’. They do not need to pay any attention to we the people. Because they have ‘safe’ districts. This is not what the founding fathers had in mind when they gave us this democracy.

Politicians have pigeon-holed us into party identities. The question is always: “Are you Republican or Democrat?”, Not, “What idea do you have to solve this particular problem?” or “Where do you stand on this issue?”. As a matter of fact, the politicians define what our issues are and ask us to vote according to what THEY tell us, not what WE want or what matters to us.

It is time that we shed those political identities and focus on the issues that matter to us. That what these mid-term elections should be about. We should be telling our candidates what WE want, not them telling us what THEY want. It is time to exercise our free choice as a free people, free from the dictates of party leaders anywhere. We need to show that we can think independently and make our own free choices. We need to demand accountability from those we have elected and those who seek our support.

Other than the tax legislation, no other significant legislation has passed in this congress.

Therefore, we need to focus on those things we really agree on and then move on to address those issues in which we have differences. That is entirely possible and even if we disagree, we could find areas of shared values. Because at the end we are all Americans.

This year you do have a choice. Shed the party labels and focus on the issues that matter in this district, then demand commitment and accountability to you and not party elites and donors in Washington. If we don’t do that, we will remain stuck with unsolved problems for generations.

That is why I ask you to hear me out and support me to be your next U.S House Representative for the 2nd district of North Carolina. I will focus on the issues we agree on and work on those issues where significant differences exist. I have no party elites in Washington to control the decisions I make. I have not taken money from corporate donors or special interests. I have no PACs supporting me.

This is a contract between you and I period. To represent your best interests in the U.S congress without interference by anyone. I will take orders only from you and do exactly as you mandate me to do. That is my promise to you.

Support Jeff Matemu, for U.S House of Representative, District 2 of North Carolina.

I will spend more time appealing to North Carolinians’ can-do spirit and sense of optimism as opposed to fanning our fears, that we might achieve breakthroughs that seem impossible today.

Thank you for your time.

Jeff Matemu For Congress






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