CHARCOAL To DIAMOND: An Inspiring Biography of Abel Gitimu Waithaka


The first time you meet Abel, you will want to be around him more, he is full of joy, peace, and life, and he carries it with him wherever he goes.

He seems to find fun in life and always looks at the positives in others. Abel always has lots of stories to tell; his stories and life adventures are full of humor, adventure and keep the listeners’ amazed at God’s hand over his life.

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Over the years many people have encouraged Abel to have the stories recorded in a book, and this is the book. I encourage you to open your heart, get ready to laugh, cry, encouraged and inspired! Abel was born from a very humble family in Kenya, Africa.

He is one of nine kids; his parents had very little formal education. He was raised in poverty, yet a very happy family.

How did Abel become the God fearing man, the husband, the daddy, the professor, and the friend he is today? It was through lots of pressure, lots of hard times, lots of perseverance and lots of waiting! Abel’s life is like a piece of charcoal that becomes a diamond because it handled pressure very well.

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