He speaks to me: How does God speak to a human being?

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The title of this book, He speaks to me, means God speaks to me. The significance of this title is that, since God speaks to me, therefore he speaks to human beings today.

Such a title definitely raises a number of questions. Following are a few of those questions. What is meant by God speaking to someone? How does God speak to a human being? Why should God speak to anyone at all?


The Bible contains many examples of God speaking to his people in olden days, but does that still happen today? Answers to these questions, and others not mentioned above, are provided in this book.

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The aim of this book is to help believers who might be struggling with the idea of God speaking to human beings, to realize that God still speaks to his children and that he desires to speak to you continually.

Author- Bishop Dr. Justus Kyalo Musyoka

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