K24 news anchor Eric Njoka reveals how he survived life-threatening disease

 K24 news anchor Eric Njoka reveals how he survived life-threatening disease: K24 news anchor Eric Njoka has revealed that he was forced to go under the knife seven times before he turned 17-years-old.

Taking to social media on Sunday, Njoka revealed that he was born with a life-threatening disease, which the doctors believed wouldn’t allow him to live longer.

According to the outspoken news anchor he ended up surviving the unnamed illness.

He stated that at just 2-months-old, he underwent his first operation and subsequently had six more surgeries until he turned 17-years-old.

K24 Anchor Erick Njoka opens up on 7 surgeries that saved his life.

“Hi, my name is Kamau Eric, 32 years ago I was born with a life-threatening condition that forced my 2-month-old self to undergo my first surgical operation, as usual doctors thought I would never make it, but 7 operations over the years until I was 17-years-old, I am here now,” Njoka posted.

Njoka further disclosed that during his upbringing, he never believed he would not amount to anything in the future.

“I grew up knowing I will never be anybody but ironically everything I touch turns to gold. My late father, who never saw anything grand about me, would now testify to this truth,” he narrated.

The scribe previously revealed that he doubles up as a mortician in his father’s mortuary business, Mukoe Funeral Home located in Githunguri, Kiambu county, which has been in operation for 15 years now.

According to Njoka, even though his dream was to be a journalist, his father who was also a nominated member of parliament, insisted that Eric and his siblings should learn his trade in the morgue, so that they could work for themselves in the future and not for other people.

He also opened up about how he was scared to see lifeless bodies being washed and stored in the morgue, but has since overcome the fear.

“Seeing the shape in which some of the bodies were in gave me nightmares and left me distraught. But I eventually overcame it. At the end of the day, I had to be at my ‘A’ game and not show the bereaved that I was disgusted or scared of treating their fallen loved ones,” he divulged at the time.

K24 Anchor Erick Njoka opens up on 7 surgeries that saved his life.



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