Video of “President Uhuru” riding bicycle to Town excite Kenyans

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Video of "President Uhuru" riding bicycle to Town excite KenyansVideo of “President Uhuru” riding bicycle to Town excite Kenyans: In a rare incident, a video has emerged of a VIP cyclist riding his bike to town.

The rider was recorded to have had a motorcade clearing his way and another protecting them from behind as the couple rode through Nairobi’s chaotic traffic.

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The viral video that could not be authoritatively verified as that of the head of state who has been on an extensive coastal tour, adds to several instances where Kenyatta has been ‘spotted’ in public.

In Kenya, only Deputy President William Ruto and President Kenyatta are entitled to motorcade escort.

This comes just hours after a video of Britain’s Prime Minister Boris Johnson cycling home after work went viral.

February this year, President Kenyatta was spotted driving himself in the city’s traffic when an elderly woman approached his window, ostensibly to beg for money.

A picture surfaced of a jolly Kenyatta rolling down his window to greet the woman.

Early this year, President Kenyatta made a surprise decision that left his Protocol team baffled and stranded at Kisumu International Airport for at least four hours.

This was when he drove in the company of his nemesis-turned political ally Raila Odinga to tour Kisumu by night as his security personnel waited by his Presidential jet to fly him back to State House.

Whether President Kenyatta really cycled his way in town remains a matter of speculation while what remains certain is that the two cyclists are VIP with motorcades.

Deputy President William Ruto is not particularly known for such stunts much as he appears to relate with the average Kenyan voter.

By Arnold Ngure


Video of “President Uhuru” riding bicycle to Town excite Kenyans

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