80 Year Old Grandpa Became Instant Village Celebrity After US Visit

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80 Year Old Grandpa Became Instant Village Celebrity After US Visit
80 Year Old Grandpa Became Instant Village Celebrity After US VisitThey say, every dog has it’s own day.This came to pass early last year, when Pauline and I, decided to suprise our lovely Grandpa with a trip to the United States!

Grandpa has lived in the village on the eastern slopes of the second highest mountain in Africa, for over eighty years!..He had never before been on an international flight and it was the 2nd time he was in an airplane (1st time was on a similar suprise trip to the Kenyan coast).

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This man took care of me when I was a nobody, when I did not know who my father was, when I did not know how to feed myself, when I did not have anybody to pay for my school fees. He sold all his goats just to make sure that I went past primary school level education.

He is a man who I don’t know how to repay for what he did for me when I really needed love and affection.

While growing up in the villge, my life was never easy, but he made sure that I enjoyed it like all of his kids. Infact, all along I used to think he was my biological father!

So after we successfully managed to get him a visa, we decided to stay with him for almost 6 months in America.A stay he will never forget!

Before leaving Kenya, we picked him from the village, and took him to Nairobi where we spent about a week with him, and as the day of departure approached, we could see how excited he was!…He called every one of his buddies, to let them know of the departure.He explained to them, each and every detail of where the flight was to pass through – the countries, the cities, the time we were to spend on the flight etc!…😂😂😂They were all in awe.

When we landed in America, he could not believe what he was seeing!. Every now and then he kept asking …”Mwana guku nyinge kwi bonda?”..🤣🤣🤣🤣…This place has no crazy bodabodas like back home?…”Mwana nyinge guku antu ibaumaraa nyomba?”..Do people get out of their houses here, because I can hardly see any?

We made sure he called back home every day and he would give everybody he called, an account of what he was doing in America every single day for 6 months!😂😂

Sometimes I could hear his buddies ask him….”Aa nau ri?…Bakaraa atia atia?”…How is life over there?…”A mbobu ibaragia kimiru nau itu?”…Does Bob speak our language there?…Listening to those coversations made me laugh all the time!😆😆😆

He was pleasantly surprised at how well organized the US is.

However, soon his excitement started fading away and homesickness started creeping in.He started asking if I could take him back after just 3 weeks!..🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣…which I respectfully declined.

As a gift to take back home, Pauline and I prepared a 100 page photo journal booklet that documented his stay in the USA, with a detailed explanation of each picture in the book. It made it easy for him to remember his trip..He has so far shared that photo booklet to the congregation at his church, to his barber, to each of his village mates, to the passers-by, to everybody!!

Next time you meet him, ask him about life in America and he will probably spend a whole day narrating to you!


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