How A Simple Haircut In US Made Me Miss My Nairobi West Barber!

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How A Simple Haircut In US Made Me Miss My Nairobi West Barber!How A Simple Haircut In US Made Me Miss My Nairobi West Barber! I can’t count the number of times I have been asked about life in America!..Well, If you have not been to America, you probably wonder how life is…right?…Or maybe you have an idea about life here based on movies that you have watched or maybe from stories your friends or family who live in America have told you. All in all, there is that picture you have of America’s life, which more often than not is painted as rosy!…right?

Well, let me dissect a bit about how life is here so that if you have plans of relocating from wherever you are you will at least have an unbiased idea of it.

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I came to America as a student, and I couldn’t wait to land in this country I always heard great things about!

In this article, I will give you a quick true picture of life in America as a former international student!

If you get a student visa to study here, the visa officer will have assumed that you have enough finances to take care of your education.If you don’t have enough finances then life here can take a very interesting turn.

Please don’t be ignorant, have plans on how you will pay for your school fees.Don’t assume somehow you will be able to pay thousands of dollars in school fees if all you did was to present a bank statement of a non existent sponsor to the embassy….Many make this mistake!..I can’t tell you how many times many people have reached out to me asking for help with bank statements to present at embassy!

My question to them is always, “how will you survive in school here without funding?” You can’t get a job that can even pay half of your school fees as most people tend to think! are also not easy to come by!

When I landed In America, I found everything to be quite expensive.It still is to be honest!..For example, back home, I used to get a haircut in Nairobi West for $ 1 which at the time was KES 70. I used to have a haircut about 2 times a month….so that was $2. In America, I quickly realized a simple haircut would set me back $15-20🤣🤣🤣. As a student this was a big deal. So I decided to buy a hair clipper and I started cutting my hair myself. I did that for more than 3 years!😊😊…to the extent where I considered myself a decent barber until recently when a good neighbor of mine asked me to cut his blonde hair….and what a mess that was🤣🤣🤣.

When you have no money, you become creative, you think more, so that is how I ended up being own barber for my 1st 3 years of my life in America.

I used to convert the prices every time I go to the store and it would drive me nuts when I compare most of prices here with what I used to pay back home!

Now let’s quickly go to the notion that money is here in plenty!..Well, that is not the case..A lot of people struggle here.America has homeless people, America has pan handlers scattered across cities!…Just like back home…Money is not available easily as some may tend to think..When you come here, Initially you will struggle.You will be forced to work minimum wage jobs, you will be forced to do jobs that you never thought you would ever do or you may be forced to sleep on the floor with bedbugs roaming around like I did after graduation🤣🤣.

As a student I used to work in the dining hall cleaning tables and floors!..Which I had no problem doing!..Me, when I was growing up I did a lot of manual work on my granny’s farm so any kind of Job was not a big deal for me.

The mistake that a lot of times some people do here is to keep doing all the low paying Jobs even after settling or graduating.Bills here take up a huge amount of your pay and if you are working low paying job you will keep struggling for a long long time.

So what do you need to do in order to achieve that American dream, or to at least achieve that life you had in mind?..Well, the good thing is that America is a land of opportunities, and if you are hardworking and keen, you will soon be able to figure out how to make a decent living.

There is a lot of opportunities out here!..You just need to grab one and run!..As for me, I figured out quickly that my accounting degree would only give me a job that would pay me just enough to pay my bills. So I decided to try something very different from what I thought I would be. I trained to be an IT consultant..Basically my work was to provide solutions to company’s business processes using a system called Oracle EBS.Later on ventured into one of the hottest technologies on the market today called Robotics Process Automation (RPA) which is a relatively new technology that companies are deploying on to their existing systems to speed up transactions processing using the power of software robots.

So, If you are out there wishing to come to USA, just know that at the beginning life can be tough and it won’t be pretty BUT with time and good planning you can do well over here.We have many immigrants that have succeeded and many that have struggled.You can be anything you want!..It’s all up to you!

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