Kenyan Scientist Dr George Njoroge Awarded Honorary Doctoral  by KCA University

Kenyan Scientist Dr George Njoroge Awarded Honorary Doctoral  by KCA University
Kenyan Scientist Dr George Njoroge Awarded Honorary Doctoral  by KCA University

A Kenyan Scientis Dr George Njoroge was awarded an excellent Honorary Doctoral  by KCA University in Kenya. This comes in the heels of the work he is doing as the Board Director and Chair of Scientific Research and Innovation at Kenya Medical Research Institute(KEMRI)and immediate Chief Scientific Advisor at Kenyatta University Teaching , Referral & Research Hospital(KUTRRH).

Dr George Njoroge’s work in founding Centre of Africa’s Life Science (C.O.A.L.S.) in Naivasha is also doing very well.

Here below is Dr. Njoroge’s acceptance Speech for the KCAU Honorary Degree

Thank you Madam Chancellor,, Olive Mugenda, Board of trustee and council Members, Vice Chancellor, Professor Wakindiki, our Chief Guest, Prof. Nyaigotti-Chacha, Faculty, Staff, Students, and all other Stake Holders. I am also grateful to my wife, Esther Nyambura who is with me here today for providing me great care during this transformative journey. My daughter, Dr. Joyce Njoroge and son Dr. Jesse Njoroge who could not be with us today. I also appreciate the presence of friends and relatives who have joined us today.

Thank you, Prof. Onywera, For such a wonderful introduction and for making me comfortable here at KCA University.

I am deeply humbled to be presented with honorary doctoral degree by this august institution, KCA. Such a recognition reflects the great significance that this university places on excellence in education, research and innovation.

I am also very excited to be among all the wonderful students who are graduating together with me today: I am very proud to be an alumnus of KCAU and aspire to live to its ideals. Just like you, at one time in my life, I experienced the joy of college graduation but could also relate to the anxiety and uncertainty for what the future held for me in terms of my professional career and social life. That is a natural phenomenon.

However, I have good news for you at KCAU, no matter what many people may say, the world is a much better place today than it was in those earlier days. We are living in the most exciting time in many fronts especially in the world of health and technology. This makes me very happy and excited as I talk to KCA University, a premier business and technology institution.

You are all in the right place, at the right time and in the right careers of your lives. Science and information technology have become increasingly important in all aspects of our lives.

We are now living in the world of BIG DATA and with it the advent of Artificial Intelligence. Data and information that need to be managed and analyzed for the benefit of mankind. An opportunity has presented itself where KCAU can be good in synthesizing and utilizing BIG DATA and artificial intelligence to come out with great breakthroughs for the service of Kenyan society and the world at large.

Utility of BIG DATA will be useful in all sectors of life including medicine where we are now moving to precision medicine and patient-centered, evidence based diagnostics and treatments. Interestingly enough, the human being is essentially a walking data base with enormous information packed in in our inherited genetic material. It will not be too long before we find ourselves possessing a chip loaded with our genetic profile with information pertaining to when we were healthy and through the new technologies and BIG DATA we could get profiled when we get sick and have medics identify the affected genes and possibly recommend therapy to modulate the genes in question – generating specific medicine tailored for that patient. KCAU with its strong ICT and business programs, will have a great role to play in that wonderful endevour. I am sure that many of you graduating today will definitely rise to that occasion.

You all are in the global playground in a global village and from the training you have acquires here at KCA, you stand a chance to make a difference in the world. Great companies such as Google and Microsoft were started by young people such as Larry page and Bill gates who came from such universities such as Stanford and Harvard through research and innovation in information technologies. KCA University graduates have the skills and potential to do the same.

My discovery of the first protease drug to treat Hepatitis C virus that was approved by FDA in 2011 was not an accident. It was great effort in research and innovation. I am confident you, KCAU graduate can also come up with great inventions that will make a difference. You just have to put your mind into what you want to do and be intentionally focused

It is my belief that we are all in this world for a purpose, a purpose-driven life, thus, we should not just exist and after consuming so much of God-given resources such the very valuable oxygen and other nutrients and just exit. We need to make a difference even if it is in our own small ways
May you all have a very productive life in your field of specialization and may you be abundantly blessed in whatever you do.

May God bless you and bless KCAU

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Kenyan Scientist Dr George Njoroge Awarded Honorary Doctoral  by KCA University

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