Sad Story: Kenyan Woman in a Coma For Seven Years in Saudi Arabia

Sad Story: Kenyan Woman in a Coma For Seven Years in Saudi Arabia
Sad Story: Kenyan Woman in a Coma For Seven Years in Saudi Arabia

Like many other Kenyan women living in Diaspora, Martha Nyaguthii left for Saudi Arabia in search of greener pastures. Her story would also end like many others but not exactly.

Nyaguthii has been in a coma for the past seven years after she suffered a fractured skull under mysterious conditions.

She left Kenya when her was only six, now he is about to write his Kenya Certificate of Primary Examinations (KCPE).

According to her caregiver, Peninnah Favour, Nyaguthii has been admitted at the Aster Sanad Hospital in Riyadh, Saudi Arabia since 2015.

“To date, no one knows what happened to her. Doctors replaced her broken skull with a plastic one,” Ms Favour told the Sunday Standard.

Favour told the daily that she did not know Nyaguthii prior to the accident but now changes her diapers five times a day and bathes her.

The mother of four said she talks to Nyaguthii even though she cannot respond.

“I consider her my sister. I speak to her even though she cannot answer. I also wash and clothe her,  and change her diapers five times a day,” she said.

Her sister, Zipporah Maina told the daily that Nyaguthii left the country in 2014. The first year of her stay in the Gulf country, Ms Maina said, was good.

“She was a trained caregiver and went there to take care of the elderly. The first year things went on well and she used to send money back home every month without fail,” said Ms Maina.

When Nyaguthii went silent for months, the family filed a missing person report but no information was forthcoming.

It was not until a friend informed her that there was a post on a woman in a coma on Facebook.

“The lady in the hospital bed is Martha Nyaguthii, she is admitted to one of the hospitals in Saudi Arabia. Her friends are trying to get in touch with the family. She hails from Mathome, Ruguruti in Othaya. Please pass the message to her family if you know her,” read the August 8, 2015 with Nyaguthii’s identify card and photo attached.

A doctor told the daily that Nyaguthii’s condition has improved but she still cannot move.

The family is now seeking the government’s intervention to help bring back their kin to Kenya.

“All we are asking for is to see our daughter again, hold her in our arms. Nothing more,” said Jane Njeri, Nyaguthii’s mother.

By Eva Nyambura



Sad Story: Kenyan Woman in a Coma For Seven Years in Saudi Arabia

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