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Thirteen African Celebrities To Watch In 2013

These are powerhouses in the making. Inking unprecedented deals, performing in sold-out venues, chartering new commercial territories and making in-roads globally, they are Africa’s new generation of celebrities. They are exporting the…

Prezzo: Kenya’s Entertainer of The Year 2012

2013 is here with us and it's time to look back at the past year and recognize those who left a mark in the entertainment industry this past year. A lot of artistes contributed in keeping Kenya entertained in 2012, and as usual, a few…

Africa’s Top 10 Richest Musicians

10. CHAMELEONE Joseph Mayanja (born 1979) known for his stage name Jose Chameleon, Joe Chameleon, Jose Chameleone, or just Chameleone (sometimes Chameleon) is a reggae musician from Uganda. He mainly sings in Luganda, English and …

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