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Why Ruto is Linking Ford Foundation To Kenya’s Gen Z Protests

The Ford Foundation has been thrust into the centre of attention following President William Ruto’s allegations that the American non-governmental organisation has been ‘sponsoring’...

Kenya News

Suspected Kware serial killer arrested, confesses to 42 murders

The prime suspect behind the horrific murders of persons found dumped at the Kware dumpsite in Mukuru kwa Njenga, in Embakasi South Constituency has...

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Ruto Claims Ford Foundation Sponsored The Protests in Kenya

President William Ruto has accused the Ford Foundation, an American private foundation, of sponsoring violence during the anti-government protests. Speaking in Nakuru on Monday, Ruto...

Diaspora News

Kenya to Assist Family of Kenyan Man Who Drowned in Russia

Enock Odhiambo: Principal Secretary for Diaspora Affairs Roseline Njogu on Friday, July 12, revealed plans to intervene in a Kenyan who died in Russia. Njogu...
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The Bethel Within: We Are The Sacred Altars and Temples

In ancient times, worship often took place in particular consecrated locations. These elevated sites were where spiritual interactions occurred between God and humanity. The first...

Keep Hope Alive: Hope doesn’t disappoint-Impossible is Nothing

I recently attended a conference where a renowned educator recounted his journey as a trailblazing student in a university with just two classrooms. Yet, he...

Humility Is Submitting To Others And Honoring Everyone

Relationships are the testing grounds for humility. Life and ministry involve people; relationships are the toughest grooming grounds for humility. Humility is not a...

Willful Sin, Ignorant Sin: We can be delivered from the Power of Sin

In the intricate dance of morality, our missteps come in different cadences: the intentional and the uninformed. When we talk about sinning with full...


A Success Story: Oklahoma Client Invests in Property with Optiven

Optiven continues to set the standard for excellence in the real estate market with its unparalleled efficiency and unwavering commitment to client satisfaction. Our latest...


Making my American Dream a reality: Earning while learning at IUP

Erastus Mwangi, a Kenyan student living his American dream at Indiana University of Pennsylvania (IUP), recently secured a coveted full graduate assistantship. This prestigious opportunity...

Unity & Triumph: Kenyan Pride in GVSU’s Graduation Celebrations

The Spring 2024 Dinner at Grand Valley State University was a heartwarming celebration honoring a significant number of Kenyan graduates. The event brought together...

From Campus to Corporate Job in USA: Osoro’s Path to Success

During a heartfelt farewell organized for Nick Osoro in Tampa, he shared his remarkable journey of securing a fantastic job as a Data Analyst...

Our Experiences: Acing the US Student Visa Interview

The US student visa interview is a pivotal step for international students pursuing higher education in America, requiring meticulous preparation and unwavering confidence. Students...

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Invitation to Community Kesha at Power House Church on June 21

Join Kenyan Pastors in the DMV Area on June 21, 2024, for a transformative Community Kesha at Power House Church. Experience the incredible power of...

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