Radio Queen Caroline Mutoko Takes On Kenyan Youth Again

Radio Queen Caroline Mutoko has set herself as one of the strongest and most influential women in the country. Of course this sometimes creates a lot of controversy but this doesn’t seem to shake her. She is all about keeping it real and telling it like it is especially on matters that concern Kenyan youth.

Caro believes that Kenyan youth have a lot of opportunities that they are just sleeping on and clearly, she is not going to stop until she gets the message home.At the end of the day, someone has to do it and the truth has to be told. So here is a message from her to the youth,

‘Look around you on any given day, in any direction & you see young people doing amazing things. Yes – you also see young people doing daft things, but they are the exception NOT the rule – we just choose to focus on the exception because it makes us feel better about ourselves, maybe even safer.

However the truth is this: Millennials rather than being inherently self-centered, lazy, stupid or overconfident; They are optimistic, they’re confident and they’re pragmatic at a time when it can be difficult just to get by.
Those aren’t bad qualities to have, even if it means they spend too much time on their phones & on this page

I assumed that my time of being racked over the coals had made it possible for those who came after me to have it a little easier. Clearly there is STILL work to be done.

The younger, hungrier generation, a breed of new thinkers, no matter their age are here. They live, think and walk amongst us and they want in on the action.
Make room for them.

“Ulitukuta hapa, utatuwacha hapa” is a very, very sad statement indeed, it signals defeat.

Have a fruitful and blessed day.

(wink, wink- watch how unpopular this post will make me. Pple hate the truth)’


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