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Ruto Govt Deny Claim of Not Paying Uhuru Retirement Benefits

The national government on Monday evening fired back at  former President Uhuru Kenyatta, refuting several accounts that the ex-president had given on the financing...

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What Uhuru Requested During Critical Phone Call With Ruto

Uhuru's House: Retired President Uhuru Kenyatta has secured the use of his home next to State House as his official office, following his phone...

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Help Lucy Akelo’s Quest to Become Next Ms Health & Fitness

In a world full of challenges, Lucy Akelo stands out as a beacon of strength and inspiration. Her unwavering determination to become the next...
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Humility Is Submitting To Others And Honoring Everyone

Relationships are the testing grounds for humility. Life and ministry involve people; relationships are the toughest grooming grounds for humility. Humility is not a...

Willful Sin, Ignorant Sin: We can be delivered from the Power of Sin

In the intricate dance of morality, our missteps come in different cadences: the intentional and the uninformed. When we talk about sinning with full...

Do It Anyway: Whether They Applaud, Criticize, Cheer or Jeer

Life is a never-ending cycle of aspirations and goals. A young person with big dreams wants to grow up and become a professional, a...

Humility Is Recognizing Our Dependence On God Part 3

In today's highly valued individualism, it may seem paradoxical to associate submission with humility. However, when it comes to our relationship with God, the...


Japan Enticing Internship Opportunities for Kenyan IT Students

The Japanese Embassy in Kenya unveiled enticing internship opportunities in Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Information Technology (IT) for Kenyan engineers. The announcement, made earlier this...


Polline Nteere’s remarkable journey from Nanyuki, Kenya to the US.

Polline Nteere's remarkable journey from the tranquil landscapes of Nanyuki, Kenya, to pursuing a Master of Science in Project Management at Missouri State University...

Kenyan Graduate Gertrude Shabiha Celebrates Masters at MSU

Kenyan native Gertrude Shabiha is elated as she marks a significant milestone in her academic journey, graduating from Montclair State University with a Master's...

Kenyan MBA Graduate lands prestigious role in Corporate America

Nick Osoro, a recent MBA graduate from Saint Leo University in Tampa, Florida, is embarking on an exciting new chapter in his career journey. Osoro,...

Kenyan Graduate Ken Murithi Celebrates Masters’ Success.

Ken Murithi, a Kenyan native, is brimming with joy following his graduation with a Master of Science in Operations Management from South Dakota State...

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Grow Your Business Globally with Jambolist-New Business Horizon

Are you an African entrepreneur looking to expand your business on a global scale? Look no further than Jambolist, the perfect platform to unlock...

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