Tanzanian Fagilia Hit Maker, Mr. Nice Lands Filming Deal In Denmark


2013 has not been such a good year for ‘fagilia’ hit maker Mr. Nice as he seemed to jump from one raw deal to another and even getting kicked out of record companies.

Things might however be looking up for him as he is reported to have landed a filming deal with a Denmark based recording company VAD Film Production. Lucas Mkenda alias Mr. Nice who according to Bongo 5 is already in Denmark will be working with VAD Film Production who mainly do swahili movies for the sake of swahili speaking people living in Denmark.

Before this, Mr. Nice had gotten to a point where the mention of his name could only mean scandal. The last of his episodes was with new record label Candy & Candy Records after he did a song which his manager was less pleased with and openly admitted to this as well as giving advice to Mr. Nice which he refused to heed and thus a tussle ensued.

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All in all, I hope a movie role will be the break Mr. Nice needed to continue on his journey to stardom.


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